We as Jacobo Tech are a new venture. But, our experience is not new!

Jacobo Tech is a website to providing online consultancy services. Our aim is to produce fast and reliable solutions to create efficiency in the business world.

Time is Money! Jacobo Tech saves you time with online consultancy services.

What can Jacobo Tech do to improve the efficiency of your company?

We provide import data from the Web to Excel, instant reporting support from the database with SQL, VBA and Advanced Excel Functions support.

We can;

  • build professional MS Excel Charts and Graphics
  • write professional MS Excel VBA, Macros
  • create professional MS Excel spreadsheets and formulas
  • create professional MS Excel Pivot Tables
  • create professional interactive dashboards


We as Jacobo Tech, can convert it to Android App your mobile-friendly, responsive website. App will support all Android mobile devices.

What is inclueded:

– Admob Banner and Interstitial Ads (Optional)

– Splash Screen (Optional)

– Refresh Page

– Push Notifications via Firebase ( Free Notification ) (Optional)


One of the Online Consultancy services offered by Jacobo Tech is the WordPress Website Creating. The most effective method that people, companies and corporations use to communicate with people is web sites. This allows individuals to create websites for purposes such as sharing personal experiences and making money on the internet. WordPress Websites are one of the easiest reference sources for creating a website, whether it is a personal blog page or an e-commerce site.


Udemy is an online training platform that provides courses on many different topics on the web.  Our one of the Online Consultancy service is Online Excel courses. We offer online advanced level excel courses on the Udemy platform.