Nowadays, the most effective method that companies and corporations use to communicate with people is websites. This allows individuals to create websites for purposes such as sharing personal experiences and making money on the internet. WordPress Websites are one of the easiest reference sources for creating a website, whether it is a personal blog page or an e-commerce site.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a personal publishing system. It is written through MySQL and PHP and is GPL licensed. WordPress can be defined as a Content Management System called CMS. Generally, even if they are often used for writing and editing an article on blog systems, all conceivable content may be edited and published. Mainly, page openings are performed quickly and indexed very quickly. WordPress is an open-source system and there is no fee for WordPress websites. WordPress is which is the most widely used in the world and especially for the purpose of organizing blog infrastructures. According to an important survey, approximately one-quarter of 1 million websites are organized by WordPress infrastructure.

Create WordPress Websites, WordPress Optimization

We, as Jacobo Tech, can create your website with WordPress (up to 10 pages). Your WordPress websites will be compatible with mobile phones, tablets and PCs  for a mobile web layout and a desktop layout. Also, your website will be SEO-friendly.

Jacobo Tech provides a wide range of support for WordPress website creation and WordPress optimization. If you need a Logo, we can design a simple logo for you.

You need to tell us samples of WordPress templates you wish, your color scheme, and which pages you want. We can arrange the overall design, detailed sub-tabs, and content of your website with the data you will provide.

The personal, corporate, blog and e-commerce websites created for you will provide maximum benefit.

Your WordPress Websites will work perfectly in any browser.

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